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Property owner FAQ
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Why should I list my property on sharingXchange?

Well to start, you’ve got nothing to lose! There’s no cost or fees associated to list with us and no commitment necessary.
sharingXchange offers an encompassing service that focuses on the difficult tasks of marketing, managing and distributing your rental property listing. Our high-touch solution brings you more bookings, and thus more earnings from your rental. We ease the stresses of property management while generating more income for you.

How does it work?

There are many services that sharingXchange provides. Our 15% fee is typically charged as a customer booking fee, meaning you don’t pay us any money from your personal earnings. This structure keeps us entirely driven to maximize your rental income, we make money only if you make money.
The services we provide are:
Comprehensive & Professional Marketing
Profile Creation: Our seasoned Listing Team creates professional and enticing profile content to make the property stand out.

Multi-site Distribution: We distribute each listing across the top rental websites in the world.

Calendar Updates: All calendars are synchronized 24/7 from each listing site, so double bookings are a thing of the past.

Better Rankings: The sharingXchange team has committed to learning the various algorithms for all the top listing sites. Combined with aggressive search engine optimization, our listings are always in the top results. The team also personally chases guests to make sure they are leaving great reviews.

24/7 Response: Never waste time answering questions or inquiries again. The sharingXchange team responds to every request, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

Seasonal Pricing: Our Partner Success Team creates monthly “care packages” (or better, “sharepackages”) which are sent to property owners to provide regular updates of how each listing is performing. Our experienced team researches when demand is high or low so each listing is always maximizing revenue.

Professional Photography + Photo Editing: Great photos sell more. sharingXchange sources local photographers and incurs the expenses to take professional listing photos. If for some reason we are not sourcing a photographer - for those providing their own photos - our step by step photo guide provides training on how to take eye-popping pictures. Our in house professional Photo Editing Team will use the latest tools and technology to enhance all listing photos.

Guest Screening: Profile verification, guest reviews and more all contribute to thorough guest screening.

Payment Processing: We collect all payments from various sites and use our credit merchant account where necessary. Once the funds are received, we simply payout our property owners.

Key Exchange, Cleaning and Maintenance: If you don’t already have service providers working with you on your rental property, our Partner Success Team will source local providers where necessary and connect you on the ground.

What is the Partner Success Team?

We are very proud of what we call our Partner Success Team, or our “secret sauce”. This is our dedicated team focused on building relationships with each and every property owner from the very moment you choose to list your property with us. We dive deep into discussing all of your needs and expectations as an owner, and continue this contact regularly to make sure you remain satisfied with our service. We typically focus on revenue growth and listing enhancement and additionally are here to recommended particular services or devices such as smart-locks, smart-home devices and more, which help improve the overall experience for both hosts and guests. After establishing a relationship with your dedicated Partner Success Team member, you’ll wonder how you ever rented your property without them.

Am I a good fit? What types of properties does sX work with?

sharingXchange takes pride in working with properties in every shape or location. Whether you’re renting out a beautiful beach house on an island in Greece, or simply a bedroom in your home in Austin, you’re a good fit for us.
Some examples include:
• 1st Homes
• Rooms:
◦ “Empty nesters”
◦ Students
• 2nd Homes or Vacation Rentals
• Guest Houses and B&Bs
• Boutique hotels
• Small family hotels
• Studios
In many cases, we’ve had partners who didn’t even realize they had a “property” to rent,. We are really proud of our unique properties and how we help property owners earn extra income from not-so-normal places to stay. They happen to be the guests’ favorite!
Some examples include:
• Boats/ Houseboats
• Tree Houses
• RV/ Campers
• Castles
• Tiny Homes
• Tents
• Cabins

How do you determine pricing for my property?

From the moment you sign up with sharingXchange, our Partner Success Team works with you hands on to determine exactly what your earnings goals are from your property rental. The team performs in-depth reviews of comparable properties in your area to determine the price-point is on track and monitors fluctuation depending on seasonality and demand.
We also work with you directly to determine the optimal pricing for certain times such as weekly and monthly rates, and also unforeseen rate-change potential such as a popular events happening in your area.

How do you promote my property?

Through a combination of advanced technology and the veteran experience of our Property Listing Team, we promote your property across all of the top rental channels, including Airbnb,, HomeAway, Expedia, Flipkey, 9Flats, Wimdu and more.
Our Property Listing Team then works directly with you to decide what other not-so-mainstream platforms might be beneficial in bringing you bookings. Some of these include Google Maps, Craigslist, Facebook Groups, GetMyBoat and more. Our team manages all of these listings and inquiries just as they would on the other [more popular] platforms, giving you not only more freedom, but more exposure and thus, more bookings.
Keep in mind that creating these profiles and marketing them properly is no easy task. Our teams capitalize by converting people into real paying guests through the creation and distribution of truly captivating profiles.
And don’t forget, the sharingXchange team has committed to learning the various algorithms for all the top listing sites. Combine this with aggressive search engine optimization, and our listings are always in the top results. The team also personally chases guests to make sure they are leaving great reviews. All of this greatly contributes to an increased booking ratio for our property owners.

How do you handle payments?

Payments are received directly to sharingXchange into our private merchant account, allowing for immediate guest payment that is both safe and efficient. This allows us to send guest payments directly to your bank account of choice.

How do you handle services such as cleaning & maintenance?

We believe it’s important for you to work with the people you know and trust, so we let you decide who performs these services on your property. If you don’t already have service providers working with you, our Partner Success Team will source local providers where necessary and connect you on the ground. We will do the legwork of finding them and negotiating pricing, so you never have to worry about overpaying for services.

Do I still have access to my property rental?

You will always have full access to your rental and access to all of your property info on our website, including your sharingXchange calendar. This allows you to block any dates you’d like, whether it be for personal use, friends, family, or any other reason.

How can I get started?

Signing up as a property owner is easy. Simply register on our website by clicking “List Your Space”. This will direct you to a popup where you can create a profile by entering some basic personal information and checking the box “Property Owner”. By creating a profile, you are agreeing to the Host Terms and Conditions which is linked at the bottom of that sign-up form.
Once registered, you will be contacted by a member of our Partner Success Team with information on how to proceed further. We will talk to you about photography and gathering all relevant information to create the most enticing profile possible. You are welcome to proceed by filling out as much information regarding your property as you would like on our website. However it’s not necessary that you fill out the info yourself, as our Partner Success Team will also assist in doing so.
If you already have your property listed somewhere (i.e. Airbnb), please forward a link of the listing to the Partner Success Team. This will help our team create a well-rounded profile for you on the sharingXchange website. After the listing is completed, everything will be reviewed and finalized by our team to verify the listing is at its full potential. At this point your listing is ready to be distributed to all of our channels and start receiving more bookings!
Whether you already rent out your space or you’re interested in getting into the rental market, sharingXchange can help.