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How did you hear about sharingXchange?

Remote jobs for digital working nomads.
Work remotely from your home or places around the world.

What we offer:

Remote Workforce

We are an entirely remote team working and collaborating from all over the world. Did you know that remote workers rank their productivity 7.7/10, as opposed to office workers who rank their productivity 6.5/10? The benefits are endless, but key takeaways are:

Work from anywhere
Flexible working hours
No daily commute time or costs
Wear what you want! Who doesn’t love that?
Lower carbon footprint
Master your independence while still being part of a team
Career Advancement

As a growing company, we take pride in working with people who want to grow and develop along with us. There is always room for advancement and potential to capitalize on new opportunities within sharingXchange.

Training and Support

Even as a remote company, we provide training and extensive support to make sure you can be as successful as possible as a team member at sharingXchange.

Work With People From All Around the World

You will be working with a talented international team. Expand your network, meet new people and experience new cultures on a daily basis.

Increased Compensation Potential

Whether you’re part of our sales team or a member of our internal operations, you have the potential to earn extra income as a member of our commission based sales network. Every employee of sharingXchange has the opportunity to earn by referring accommodations to our website and being part of the sX affiliate program.