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PR and Marketing Expert

April 22nd Global Mother Earth Day founded sharingXchange a social and sharing focused startup, inspired by what the sharing economy can do for our environment and communities.
sX simplifies the sharing experience by providing a Meta-Search comparison site and a Property Management Listing Service.

Your role:
• Lead/User Management
- Extracting partial lead data from DisclosureSave system; complete customer profile via internet research (name, email, phone, biz address); upload to CRM
• Social Media
- Post on behalf of AEs
- Blog writing
- A/B testing for posts and ads
- Creating infographics and pictorials (would be considered a plus)
• Misc. Marketing Projects
- Updating Agent Training (pdf work)
- Update Market Share report (excel work)
• Create, deliver, edit, and optimize PR materials
• Assist in formulating PR plans and strategies
• Present solutions in times of PR crisis
• Develop fresh story ideas
• Marketing experience
• Experience as a Public Relations Specialist or on similar position
• Organized, detail-oriented
• Proficiency in English
• Working knowledge in social networking
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