Zagreb - a hidden beauty

Mihail Marinov
You will probably agree with the statement that there are cities across the world which do not have a reputation of great tourist destinations just because travelers don't know much about what they offer. However, if you are a dedicated adventurer it is a big omission not to visit places that provide quite a lot of fascinating sights, grabbing your attention immediately. The Croatian capital, Zagreb is maybe a perfect example of the indicated assertion and here you will find out why.

Zagreb has intriguing essence because the town manages to present extremely funny, interesting and attractive modern pieces of art and culture, and simultaneously to impress visitors with its beautiful old churches, buildings, and boulevards. Speaking about modern art, it is necessary to mention that Zagreb is a hotspot of incredible street art. It is a joy to walk along the various paintings and graffiti. Also, there are several street art museums in some neighborhoods. If you are fond of this type of art, then the capital of Croatia will make you feel comfortable.

Would you believe if we tell you that a museum of broken relationships does really exist? Well, you will have to because there is one in Zagreb.

Have you ever heard of Mirogoj? This is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world. It was designed in 1876 by the Austrian architect Herman Bolle. Today, this place is frequently visited by tourists because its fascinating cupolas from the outside make it look like a fortress. However, if you decide to go inside it, you will find out that Mirogoj is a very calm and graceful sight.

Zagreb has something that surely will attract art people. The Museum of Contemporary Art exhibits a big amount of works by nearly 240 international artists. The “Collection of Motion” represents around 640 art creations, precisely chosen by an experienced and extremely competent jury. They simply represent the beauty of art and the hard work of famous artists. If you are fond of art, this place will be a perfect choice.

It is not a very popular fact, but Croatian cuisine has some very delicious meals to offer. “Sir i vrhnje” (cottage cheese and sour cream), “Strukli” (dough filled with cheese and sour cream), “Cuspajz” (meat and vegetable stew), and “Knedli” (sweet potato dumplings) are just a small part of many things that you can taste when abiding in Zagreb. There are many restaurants in the city center, which will provide a high-quality service for you and your company.

Of course, the Croatian capital has places for young people - there are some really nice clubs and bars, rated with high marks in Google and TripAdvisor. In places like “Alcatraz Pub Crawl” and “Swanky Monkey Garden”, the fun is guaranteed. If you decide to visit these nightlife venues, get yourself prepared for a non - sleep experience!

Last, but not least, you don’t have to worry about where to stay in Zagreb. The city holds many hotels, guest houses, and other vacation rentals, situated in various locations. However, in order to save time, you may check the offers, which are published on sharingXchange’s website. The first suggestion is a one really stylish apartment, located in the historical heart of Zagreb. Svjetlana’s property has a unique and modern design, and, as she says: “It is perfect for those who enjoy a friendly and homely atmosphere, and prefer to stay in a personalized space, instead of big hotels”( Another possible choice is one luxury soft in the city center. It is only a few steps from all tourist attractions. The estate was recently renovated and turned into a bright, spacious and elegant loft. You may read more about it here:

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