Why is it worth trying sharingXchange?

Mihail Marinov
The life of a vacation rental owner has changed dramatically through the years. In the past, taking care of your property and promoting it took a big amount of time and people who give their estates to tourists for short periods experienced significant difficulties. Nowadays the situation is completely different. You are just one click away from booking an accommodation for your holidays. However, here is a pretty annoying catch that can simply ruin your vacation. The thing is that most of the websites which are used by travelers for finding rentals sometimes have unrealistic offers with hotels, guest houses, etc. that do not have anything in common with the real state of the property. Also, sometimes people can be easily cheated with pricing. So don't you think that it is necessary to
have a platform which compares all of the offers from different sites? Here is a suggestion.

Remember that name - John Andrew Hazlewood, an American entrepreneur, who has worked on many projects during his career, is also the founder of a company called sharingXchange. We all know that there are plenty of websites that are used by people for finding accommodations like Airbnb, Booking, etc. and it wouldn't be too impressive if you come across a new online platform which provides information about different apartments and houses for rent. However, sharingXchange gives its customers something more - it comes to the opportunity to have access to the offers of around 100 property rental websites. Thus, sX helps you to choose the most appropriate place for staying during the undertaken trip. John's purpose is to put the sharing economy's approach into practice so that more and more people can take advantage from it and simultaneously to help rental owners in progressing in terms of clients' number by creating a high - quality profile for their estates.

"I've heard of sharingXchange a couple of times from my friends, but for some reason, I had doubts until the moment I tried to rent an apartment with this company. I traveled to Lemnos, Greece a couple of months ago and I didn't regret renting an inexpensive apartment with sharingXchange. It was so easy to find an apartment I liked. Their system provides a way to search and compare properties from many other websites for booking. I didn't have any problems renting and meeting the owner of a chosen property.
The studio where I stayed had a stunning sea view, and all of the pics on the website portrayed the exact atmosphere inside and outside of the apartment.I really enjoyed staying there for a week!
My expectations were met, and from now on I'm going to use this company. Thank you, sharingXchange!" - says Artem Chukanov.

Speaking about the advantages which sX gives to property owners, it would be a mistake not to mention the experienced and precisely chosen team members who create eye-catching descriptions for each of the listed premises. You can learn more about the company’s property listing services from here: https://sharingxchange.com/blog/19

"I love to travel and visit new places, and working for sharingXchange allows me to combine traveling with my work as I can literally work anywhere in the world. The sharing economy, for me, has made the world a much smaller and more accessible place to explore and meet new people." - Sally Miall (Marketing communications and copywriting).

“I joined the team because I believe in the idea and the future of it. The sharing economy is something that in my opinion will start getting more and more followers.” - Veselin Dobrev (SEO team coordinator).

As you can see each member of sharingXchange's team works with great desire and thus customers receive a high-quality service. Everyone is focused and puts a big effort to satisfy each client's preferences. Also, sX is opened for new co-workers that are fond of working remotely, and willing to gain new abilities in different areas.

"Our mission is to make it easy for individual entrepreneurs to share and rent their stuff. Connect people with common interests and create new relationships and make it easy and enable people to search, compare and share" - adds the founder of sX John Hazlewood.

It is not very hard to find out why sharingXchange can be used as a big asset both when traveling and increasing the income from a property which you own. sX's meta-search engine is innovative and effective, so using this website guarantees a positive result.
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