"When in Rome do as the Romans do"

Mihail Marinov
One simply just can't see every sight of Rome without abiding there for more than a week. The Italian capital is а top destination for tourists and this fact is totally understandable because the city is rich in many aspects. With almost 3 million citizens, Rome is one of Europe's most lively destinations, giving locals and travelers a big charge. It is not very hard to figure out why Rome is known as the "Eternal city" and also "Caput Mundi", coming from Latin and meaning capital of the world.
Rome owes a significant part of its unique atmosphere to all the beautiful fountains and churches which the town possesses. The number of these places is huge, but some of them differentiate from the rest with their fascinating looks. For example, "The Trevi Fountain" is a must-see spot due to its magnificent sculptures that were designed more than 2 centuries ago. "The Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore" is one of the beauties of Rome and it attracts travelers with its size, making it the largest Catholic Marian church in the city.

"The Eternal city" is popular for the gladiatorial fights which entertained Roman audiences in the past. These fights are of a big interest for historians and explorers due to the fact that in ancient times gladiators used to gather huge crowds from the local society. Usually, the fighters were watched by 70 - 80 thousand spectators. You may wonder what kind of a place would hold such amount of people and you will find the answer in Rome. It is called "The Colosseum". This impressive building was established almost 2000 years ago still can be visited. If you want to feel the atmosphere that prevailed in the city during these events you should definitely stopover at this architectural phenomenon.

It is common that pizza originates from Italy, but if you haven't tasted the traditional "Pizza Bianca", then Rome's bakeries are the perfect choice to do that. Spaghetti "Carbonara", Fritti and many other specialties are also on the menu of many restaurants that provide high-quality service and give a warm welcome to their clients.

"The Vatican takes your breath away." - Joe Elliott
It is not very hard to understand why this quote has been said. Located in the heart of Rome, Vatican is the smallest country worldwide, but this does not mean that there are not many places to visit there. In fact, the largest basilica (St. Peter's) is situated namely in Vatican and impresses tourists with its unique exterior design and inside iconographies. If you decide to take a walk in Vatican City you should not miss the opportunity to view the museums there. They will catch your eye with famous pieces of Renaissance art and of course the Papal Palace.

Although Rome has plenty of museums, churches and other sights, it would be boring if there wasn't a place where you can relax, have pleasant times with your traveling company or just stop for a drink. But the Italian's capital provides such facilities, too. For example, "Piazza Navona" is a really fascinating point where tourists can experience the compelling spirit of Rome. The street artists will contribute to your good mood while you sit at one of the many bars at this elegant square.

Last, but not least there are lots of clubs and other nightlife venues in the city so if you are fond of visiting such kind of places, Rome offers a variety of them, too.
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