sharingXchange can take your vacation rental business to another level

Mihail Marinov
The sharing economy has begun to increase its influence on different aspects of one property owner’s business development. That is why more and more companies, which are used by proprietors to promote their estates, have started to use the approach of this type of management. However, sharing economy demands very precise work in terms of using its benefits in the right way. sharingXchange, a new, fresh and innovative startup company, possesses every necessary tool for taking the most out of the advantages, which sharing economy can give to vacation rental owners’ business.

1.Connections with a big number of rental websites

sX’s clients have the rare probability to list their properties on more than 100 of the top websites like Airbnb,, HomeAway, VRBO, TripAdvisor, FlipKey, 9flats, Wimdu,, Travelocity,, Trivago, Egencia, Orbitz, Hotwire, OwnersDirect, Homelidays and more. By having connections with so many similar websites, sharingXchange gives property owners the opportunity to compare their rentals’ profiles with a variety of hotels, guest houses and other places for staying. Thus, the chance of getting a more effectively structured description increases dramatically.

2. Highly-experienced and competent team members

The people who work for sharingXchange are motivated and determined to provide customers the best possible service so that they can get the most out of their listed properties.
The team is separated in several departments and each of them serves clients in different time during their collaboration with the company. Members in each of the departments are specialized in the concrete area so it is almost guaranteed that customers receive a great support in every aspect of putting a rental on the market ( ).

3. Innovative and attractive internship program

Probably a unique thing about sharingXchange is that the company grows and updates its members. There are recruitment notices almost every day for various positions. Firstly, the newcomers take a 320 - hour internship, during which they acquire knowledge about how does sX exactly work. After completing the program, the interns increase their chances of getting employed because of everything they have been taught already. Another big asset is that sharingXchange allows people to work remotely, so there are no requirements to one’s place of living or nationality. It is only necessary to have a good internet connection and a laptop. The trainees have the rare chance to communicate and work with people from all over the world. Thus, they can create new useful contacts in their professional area.

4. Effective Ambassador project

The company’s approach of finding individuals, who want to join and help in growing its Property Management Listing Service, seems to be working quite well. There are new entrants every month who come up with fresh ideas and new listings so sX updates its essence on a regular basis. Every Sunday there are introducing webinars in which everyone is welcome to participate. By attending, people meet with the team members and with ambassadors, that have been a part from sharingXchange for a long time.

5. A big variety of great vacation destinations

Due to its numerous connections with rental websites, sharingXchange offers a lot of places for staying in different locations all over the world. You just need to type where you want to go in the meta-search engine, and immediately there are various options in front of you. Then, sX provides the unique feature to compare all of the available suggestions at the same time. No better way to help people in making the right choice and facilitating their vacations and holidays.

You can visit and learn more about the company’s structure and its features.

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