sharingXchange - the perfect place, where to list your property (2)

Mihail Marinov
In the previous article, we gave you information about three of sX’s services, connected with the process of listing your property on the website. However, they were just a small part of everything that sharingXchange offers to its clients. The following text will introduce you to five more features which the company could give to property owners.

sX is aware of the fact that today people suffer from extremely busy daily schedules and there might be something, which they want to discuss with the team. That is why our organization has a 24/7 hour response rate. You can contact us whenever you decide via phone, chat, email, etc. Feel free to ask everything you want, connected with the working process. The company’s employees will give you the information you need. Also, this service helps properties to be rated higher in the search result because we answer requests of your potential visitors right away.

By using our website, you also get rid of the annoying responsibility to manage everything, connected with the payment processing. sX facilitates you in this area, too because we collect payments from the various sites, then we provide a monthly report and pay out minus our commission. We keep the total amount from the guests and holding on to it when it is time to give it to the host. You can choose between two methods of payment - bank transfer or PayPal.

sharingXchange is currently developing a service called “Cleaning and maintenance”. In the near future, our clients won’t have to find cleaners in order to keep their rentals fresh and friendly because guess who will take care of that? sX of course! Our company is going to help owners in outsourcing this thing, too.

Another thing that we help you with is giving you useful and authoritative information about what is the current average of visitors in your area. For example, if there is an event coming up, we would advise you to raise the prices of your vacation rental. We аlso could let you know how is your property ranking among the others in terms of the accommodation costs. This seasonal pricing approach seems to be quite effective, and a lot of the owners confirm this statement. That is the main reason why sharingXchange’s team puts on a big effort to deliver this service the right way.

Guest screening is a feature that might be used as a source for learning vital details about your feature visitors. The platform of sX provides the opportunity for owners to give reviews on the people who have already been in their rental, so if there are ones with a bad reputation, you would be informed about them, and it is possible to decide not to host such personalities.
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