Lift your spirit in Sofia

Mihail Marinov
"It grows, but it never gets old" - the motto of the Bulgarian capital Sofia says it all. With almost 2 million citizens this city has become both cultural and sports center of the whole country. Sofia has a unique location - the town is at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, situated in Western Bulgaria. Thus, it combines a modern urbanized way of life with the beauty and the wildness of Vitosha.
If you decide to visit Sofia, you must take at least a week off, because there are so many sights that are worth seeing and it is impossible to stop at each of them for a weekend. Museums, ancient monuments, and temples can attract your attention if you like history.
The Bulgarian capital provides a variety of museums. As a tourist you have the opportunity to learn interesting facts about the past of Sofia and Bulgaria, you can get acquainted with the local folklore which is believed by foreign tourists to be "the eighth wonder of the world".
Last, but not least, you may visit the fascinating churches, cathedrals, and temples like The St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.
It would be boring if you take a trip only for seeing museums and places of similar type. You need some kind of entertainment, right? Well, in this branch there are not many better destinations than Sofia because the city provides a big diversity of venues where people can have fun and loosen up. First of all, if you like theatre, you have made the right choice. There is a street called "Rakovska", it is located in the town center. Primarily it seems like it is nothing more than an ordinary city street, but if you take a walk along it, you will find out that there is a theatre on almost every crossing. You have the privilege to choose what kind of play you want to see (comedy, drama, etc.). The National Palace of Culture and Armeec Arena are the venues where famous artists give performances like concerts, one-man shows, etc.
Traditional Bulgarian cuisine is believed to be one of the most delicious in Europe. It would be a bummer if you visit the country without trying some typical dishes of this region like banitsa, tarator, yogurt and much more. An interesting fact is that the most important ingredient of the yogurt originates from Bulgaria and tourists have the opportunity to taste the so-called “lactobacillus bulgaricus”, which they can’t find anywhere else. Taverns and restaurants are the most appropriate places where tourists can taste Bulgarian food and Sofia provides quite a lot of them. In these taverns, you will also have a chance to watch folklore shows that will grab your attention for sure with the incredible folk-dances, and songs. Be careful because the performers can make you stare at them for a long time and your meal may get cold.
Sofia is a great destination for young people because the nightlife here is very well developed. There is a big amount of clubs that are open almost every night during the week and students love visiting them due to the reason that famous DJs and singers perform there until the morning. Also, the city has 9 malls and one street full of shops "Vitoshka" where visitors can buy souvenirs, clothes and whatever they want.
Probably the best thing about Sofia is its location at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, which is believed to be one of the fascinating points in the Balkan Peninsula. The devotees of mountain climbing can get to the highest peak of Vitosha, "Cherny Vrah" (2,290m) or simply enjoy the view from the locality called "Kopitoto".
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