How to get to Zagreb?

Mihail Marinov
If you decide to visit Zagreb, you would be impressed by the variety of ways to reach to the Croatian capital. The city’s airport, called Franjo Tudman, is not very large, but there are arrivals from a big amount of European destinations every day. Of course, there are options for people who come from the USA. You can book a flight from Chicago, New York or L.A. and you would have to make just one transfer in Istanbul. The prices vary between 600 - 700 dollars. Understandably, Europeans have more assets because they can use cheaper airline companies like WizzAir and RyanAir. For example, a single ticket from Frankfurt to Zagreb costs around 80-100 Euros, so it is obvious that reaching this fascinating destination is easy and not very expensive.

Zagreb’s airport is situated 15 km from the city center, so you need some vehicle in order to get to the most attractive locations. When you arrive, it is possible to catch a taxi, which will take you to wherever you want. The approximate price of one fare from Franjo Tudman’s airport to the heart of Zagreb is around 27 euros (34 dollars). However, if you are not fond of spending this amount of cash, it is a good choice to take the Croatia Airlines bus.The tickets cost 3.5 euros and can be bought directly from the bus driver. It will drop you at the main bus station in town. After that, it is recommendable to use one of Zagreb’s tram lines. The available ones, which run by the bus station are lines 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Trams are believed to be the best way of getting around the capital of Croatia. Their services are being implemented even at night. You can find more information about the tram system here:

Have you ever heard of tourist buses and tourist trains? Well, if you haven’t, in Zagreb you can even experience a ride with both of them. The public transport in the Croatian capital includes two tourist bus routes that operate a hop on/hop-off service. The red route takes people in the heart of the city, and the green one operates on a much longer route, taking in places such as Maksimir and Lake Bundek.

You might think how does exactly a tourist train work. It is not really a train, but a vehicle designed to resemble a train. It runs on a small route in the city center, starting and ending on Ban Jelacic Square. Usually, tourists, especially children, are very attracted by this train.
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