How to get to Sofia?

Mihail Marinov
Tourists from the USA will have to face one unpleasant obstacle if they want to visit Sofia. It is about the duration of the flight from New York, which takes around 12 hours, but if you look into it from a different perspective the duration of the flight increases your curiosity, so when you arrive you will be impatient to start your tour in the city. Also, there are often big discounts for tickets by some airline companies like “Wizzair” and “Ryanair”.
If you are from Western Europe it is very easy for you to visit Sofia. There are non-stop direct flights from almost every airport in this part of “The Old Continent”. Usually, the prices of the tickets are not very high. For example, sometimes you can find a ticket from Dortmund to Sofia for just 50 - 60 euro! Sounds too good to be true, right?
Sofia Airport is situated in a very comfortable place for tourists. There are taxis everywhere around when you arrive. Most of the sights, like The St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and The National Palace of Culture, are situated in the town center. The airport is not very far away from these landmarks, so a taxi fare will cost you approximately 7-10 euro (15-20 leva).
If you want to avoid the traffic in Sofia, which sometimes is extremely annoying, you may use the subway. It is only a few steps from the two terminals of the airport and it stops in almost every part of the city. There are many buses with different routes near the airport. You can check where one is going just by looking at the information tables. Most of them can get you to the town center.
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