How to get to Meteora?

Mihail Marinov
Athens is the largest city in Greece and its airport includes arrivals from a big amount of destinations in Europe and North America. Thus, the Greek capital facilitates travelers, who want to visit the beautiful sights of Meteora. The approximate distance between Athens's airport and this complex of rock formations is 355 km, and there are several ways which you can use to get to Meteora.

Maybe the easiest way is by train. The main station is called Larissa and it can be reached easily if you are coming directly from the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport. You simply need to take the Blue line of Athens's metro and stop at the Syntagma station, where you have to switch to the Red line. There you need to catch the line with last station Anthoupoli, but you must get off at Larissa station and then just choose one of the trains which are going to Kalampaka - this is the city, which is located below Meteora.
(Here is a link to a map of Athens’s metro: )

Another option is to use a bus. However, it is a bit more complicated to reach the bus station. When you arrive at the airport, you have to take the Blue metro line and switch at Monastiraki station. There you have to take the Green line, heading to Kifissa. The bus station is located near station Kato Patissia, and it is maybe an unpleasant fact that you have to choose either to walk 1km or to take a taxi. In addition, you may take a bus, which goes to Trikala, which is also very close to Meteora.

Of course, Athens is not the only city from which you can get to Meteora. There are various options in front of you. If your starting point is Thessaloniki it is not very hard to reach the desired destination. This is the second largest city in Greece, so it is no surprise that the transportation system is well - developed. If you are coming from Thessaloniki Airport, you must catch bus line 78 in order to get to the New Railway station. There you can take a train which is going to Kalampaka. ( Thessaloniki’s metro map: )

It is also a good choice to use a bus to Trikali. Again, you need to get on line 78 and its final stop is the bus station. There you will find information about buses, which are traveling to Meteora.
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