How to get to Austin

Mihail Marinov
Austin is a modern and very well planned city, so it is no surprise that its airport provides a high-quality service to travelers. Bergstrom International Airport has two terminals, which distribute flights to 67 destinations in North America and Europe. Thus, as a tourist, you won't have many difficulties, connected with your arrival at Texas's capital. There are several airline companies that deliver departures from London and Frankfurt to Austin. The approximate ticket price from European cities is 500-600 euros, but often there are some nice discounts. For example, "British Airways" sometimes offer tickets for around 450 euros if you make a reservation a month or two before taking off.

If you are coming from the USA, then it is even easier due to the fact that Austin's airport provides a big amount of shuttles in the country. There are everyday arrivals from Toronto and Mexico City, too. You can even find cheaper boarding cards for 400-500 dollars because companies like "American Airlines", "Air Canada Express", "Allegiant Air" and others also offer price cuts.

As usual, Austin's airport is located away from the downtown, but the transport system is very well developed, so it is not hard to get to each point of the city. First of all, you may use the taxi cabs. The drivers will treat you the right way, making your arrival even more comfortable. The approximate prices for fares from the airport to the most visited places in the city vary between 25-30$. Of course, if you want to avoid the traffic, Austin's capital metro is an appropriate choice.

There is a station next to the airport and a single ticket costs only 1.25$. Another option is to catch the "SuperShuttle" bus.
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