How does sharing economy work?

Mihail Marinov
The action of sharing is a fundamental factor that keeps the whole world united and builds stronger relationships among the society. Today we have the unique opportunity to be connected with every point on the Earth by using the Internet and its features, so how about to take advantage from this chance? Probably the most effective way to do that is to learn how to cooperate with the sharing economy and here you will learn more information about several of its components.

Collaborative consumption is the basis of this economy type because here we are talking about a "chain", which consists of few individuals who own the goods, and the rest of the society that needs to use these products. In the traditional capitalist economic model, there is personal consumption аnd the main difference is that if you want to have a random product, it is necessary to buy it, but if you use the sharing economy's approach, it is easier because one simply can borrow something from the person who possesses it.

The whole process started in 2009, with the launch of the extremely popular website Airbnb. After that, there has been a "boom" of online companies, which give many people the chance to pay each other for the short-term use of different services and products. Everything from homes to dog sitters and tour guides is on display in such organizations' websites. Airbnb, HomeAway,, BlaBlaCar, VRBO, and many many other names have become leaders in the online space, mainly because of the assets that the sharing economy provides.

Probably, the biggest achievement of this type of economy is its contribution to the vacation rental business. It creates strong connections between property owners and travelers. People can gain some very useful and detailed information about where exactly they are going to stay, and simultaneously, the owners have the opportunity to get a closer look to their future guests' reputation and personality.

Speaking about this business area, we have to mention the newly established company sharingXchange. Its innovative structure, which includes a meta-search engine, allows people to compare offers from more than 100 vacation rental websites, and thus helps them to make the most suitable choice. Also, sharingXchange provides a variety of property listing services, that make owners' lives a lot easier. Follow the link and learn more about sX:
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