Boredom is an unknown word in Austin

Mihail Marinov
Some cities are rich in history, others in art and culture, third ones in fascinating outdoor places. Well, Austin provides a variety of everything listed above. It is no accident that the capital of Texas is one of USA's top destinations because one simply just can't find anything disappointing while taking a tour of it. But what makes Austin such a desirable place for travelers?

Speaking about the history and cultural heritage, it is necessary to mention that Austin possesses venues which can boost your knowledge about locals' way of living in past times and each different ethnic group's interesting habits and daily routines. If you are fond of visiting such places then The African American Cultural and Heritage Facility, Bullock Texas State History Museum, and many others surely will grab your attention.

Austin is not just the center of Texas, but also people call it "The World's Live Music Capital". This sobriquet is thoroughly deserved and tourists convince themselves just by walking across the city's livable and spirit-lifting streets. It is a remarkable fact that Austin is almost 24/7 populated with famous musicians, singers, and actors who give performances at different venues like Zilker Park and Travis County Expo Center. Even more fascinating is that there are festivals being held during the whole year. So whenever you decide to visit Austin, for sure there will be some kind of event, which is worth attending. For example, ACL (Austin City Limited Music) festival manages to attract approximately 450,000 visitors every year. How about that?

Americans consider Texas's capital to be one of the fittest cities in the whole country. The town offers a big amount of outdoor activities and facilities for different sports, so it is not a recommendable destination for couch potatoes. One of the various options is to walk or run along the Lady Bird Lake Hike-and-Bike Trail. This is a 10-mile off-road trail located in the heart of the city and is used for riding, hiking, and jogging by locals. It is hard to avoid falling in love with this catching atmosphere. There are also a bunch of places where you can perform paddle boarding, swimming, hopping on Segway and much more sports.

It is a must to add a few words about the most attractive outdoor activity for tourists in Austin - the Maverick Rodeo. Texas's capital hosts one of America's top 10 ProRodeos every March and visitors always enjoy the experience while attending this event.

Food lovers would also have a nice stay in Austin. The city is already 177 years old and locals were able to save the traditional dishes' recipes. There are some really delicious dishes, which can be tasted at various places in the town. The classic chicken fried steak, the migas plate, and the sturdy salad are just a small part of Austin's emblematic meals. Each of the restaurants in this destination offers rich menus so each food preference could be covered. Last, but not least we must say that the great American hamburger origins from Texas, so no better place to taste this popular meal. In addition, you should know that Austin provides many fast food restaurants where you can stop and try this typical dish for the whole USA.

You may wonder if there are nightlife venues in Austin where people can have fun. In fact, Texas’s capital possesses a big amount of such places. Skylark Lounge and Ibiza After Dark are two of the most visited clubs in the city and are rated with top marks from customers.
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