Bansko never disappoints

Mihail Marinov
Most winter resorts are usually full of tourists in their strong season, but they do not enjoy big groups of visitors during the rest of time. This is because of the fact that such vacation places just cannot offer many attractive sights and activities except ski slopes, mountains lifts, and comfortable hotels and guest houses. However, we can find exceptions to this statement and Bansko is definitely one of them. This Southwestern Bulgarian city provides a unique combination of great winter sports facilities, gorgeous scenery of the Pirin Mountain, and plenty of historical and architectural points of interest. In this text, you will find out what makes Bansko a must visit destination.

We can't avoid, to begin with, the high-quality, modern and very well organized ski slopes. There are 18 trails where you can practice this sport. Don't worry if skiing is not something you are good at because you will find instructors at each of the slopes. They will show you the basics, and the rest is just fun. In addition, there are also snowboarding tutors that give useful lessons for people who want to practice this interesting sport.For your convenience, Bansko has numerous ski lifts that are updated and secure, so it is not a problem to reach the starting point of every slope. It is recommendable to choose a blue-marked trail if you are not very experienced. Another thing is that it is not necessary to bring equipment because in Bansko you can find stores for ski accessories on almost every corner. Even more attractive is that the prices for the slopes are very friendly to your wallet. For example, a daily pass for adults costs only 23 euros and at the same time, there are discounts for kids and students. Overall it would not be too much if we say that Bansko is the right place for travelers who love winter sports.

But let’s leave what the resort can offer during the winter for a while and focus on something else. As mentioned in the beginning, Bansko can be called an “all season” vacation place and the number of visitors in the summer can be a proof for that statement. The city’s location allows local property owners to attract tourists in a full year period because there are many things to do even when there is no snow outside. Bansko is one of the few Bulgarian cities that still have old traditional houses which are unique in terms of their exterior design. You will be captivated by the great atmosphere just by walking along the streets of Bansko. The biggest treasure in this area surely is the Pirin Mountain. One of the highest relief formations in the whole Balkan Peninsula is extremely alluring and catches your eye whenever you decide to visit it. The unique landscapes and sceneries simply fill people with energy. You may wonder what sort of things tourists can do when Pirin's meadows and hills are not covered with white color? In fact, Bansko is a perfect place for a vacation during the warm months of the year. Here you can go climbing the mountain and reach the second highest peak in Bulgaria, Vihren (2,914m). Another thing is just strolling in a great natural atmosphere around, also, people usually have picnics outside and take a quality rest.

A vacation in Bansko is tightly bound with big use of energy, so it is very important to power up yourself with strong and healthy food. It is not hard to find where to have a quick snack or to spot a nice restaurant because, in this resort, such venues can be seen at every cross street. Local restaurateurs provide a great variety of traditional Bulgarian food, which is cooked according to original recipes. You may try some of the most delicious dishes from the regional cuisine. Meals like Patatnik, Kapama, and Macedonian cheese are just a small part of what Bansko can offer. If the weather is cold and you want to warm yourself, it is an option to try the traditional Bulgarian drink - Rakia. However, it is not recommendable to overdo it!

Bansko is a good destination for young people, too. There are nice modern nightlife clubs, which students visit regularly while spending their time in the resort.
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