5 top sights in Sofia

Mihail Marinov
You have probably heard of which are the most visited points in the Bulgarian capital, but there are some really interesting facts about several of them, which are not very popular. In this article you are going to learn a lot of new, unique things about St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the National Palace of Culture, the National Theater Ivan Vazov, St. Nedelq Church, and the Ancient Serdika Complex. Hopefully, this text will guide you on which exact things to pay more attention while visiting the listed sights.

1. The impressive architectural composition of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral creates prerequisites for many questions, connected with its features, capacity, history, etc. You might be wondering how many people can be picked up in this place? The answer is - 5000! In fact, this cathedral’s measures make it the second largest on the Balkan Peninsula after St. Sava in Belgrade. Even more interesting fact is that, by walking inside the temple, you are walking on an ancient graveyard. Also, it is necessary to mention that the whole building was created in memory of the Russian soldiers, who died during the Russian-Turkish war in the end of 19th century. As a whole, St. Alexander Nevsky is a landmark that hides a lot of intriguing secrets in terms of its history and essence.

2. The National Palace of Culture is not only a place, where concerts and other cultural events are held, but it is also a part of the Bulgarian history. “NDK”, as locals call it, was built for less than 3 years. It was opened on the 31st of March, 1981, in honor of the 1300th anniversary of the founding of the Bulgarian country. There are 13 festival halls in the whole palace, which are located on 15, 000 square meters area. From its creation until now, the National Palace of Culture has been a home for famous Bulgarian and foreign performers like Andrea Bocelli, Jose Carreras, Nigel Kennedy, and many many more.

3. Did you know that the beautiful National Theater in Sofia was established more than 100 years ago? Yes, that is right, and even more fascinating is that it is still the most visited theater in Bulgaria. However, people do not go in its area just to watch a certain play, but also to spend a great time in the emblematic garden in front of it.

4. The gorgeous St. Nedelq Church is not placed right in the heart of Sofia by accident. Its magnificent exterior design makes it a great point of interest for tourists, but this sight has a rich history, and we are going to tell you the most interesting parts of it. This temple was established in the distant X century and is still functional. From its construction, until today, the church has experienced some truly dramatic happenings, but probably the most dramatic one is the communist attack on the 16th April 1925, which ruined it to the ground, and killed more than 193 people. However, it was restored very quickly and in contemporary times it continues to grab the attention of locals and foreign travelers.

5. You might have heard that Bulgaria is one of the most ancient countries worldwide, but even before it was announced for a country, it was inhabited by the Romans. A proof for that is the Ancient Serdika Complex in Sofia. After years of excavation, Bulgarian archeologists managed to discover an ancient Roman village, which tells a lot about the way of life of humans, who lived more than 2000 years ago. The complex is situated in the center of Sofia and is very close to the metro station.
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