4 top sights in Zagreb

Mihail Marinov
There are interesting places in every city in the world, but some of them differentiate because the things they offer to tourists are simply unique. In Zagreb you can see several similar objects and in this article you will find more information about them.

Zagreb is a city of innovation and the Museum of broken relationships is a proof for that. This venue just can’t be seen anywhere else. Here, you can learn heartbreaking and compelling stories told by past lovers from all over the world. It is located in the beautiful baroque Kulmer palace in Upper town - a historical area in the Croatian capital, where you can find a lot of tourist attractions. You simply can’t avoid visiting this point of Zagreb because it makes you curious just by looking at its name.

There are cathedrals in most of the big cities, but this one in Zagreb has something special. Formally known as the Cathedral of Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary, this landmark is probably one of the most iconic places in Croatia. Its magnificent outside looks are equally fascinating to these inside the cathedral. This sight is rich in history, too. In fact, this monument has survived one earthquake and many reconstructions. Last, but not least we have to mention the twin towers, which can be seen from far away, so there is no way that you can spot Zagreb’s cathedral.

Are you a beer lover? Well, if the answer is yes, then you should definitely go to “Mali Medo”. This is a place, where you can taste great Croatian beers and have a wonderful time with your company. Located in the busy Tkalciceva street, Mali Medo has something for everyone. Here you can try some traditional homemade dishes, as well. A great spot with charging atmosphere, that helps you to experience the spirit of Zagreb for a little while.
Travelers, who arrive at the Zagreb’s train station run across the gorgeous King Tomislav Square because it is situated in front of the railways. This large square is named after the first Croatian king and fascinates tourists with its beautifully designed statues. It is the right place for relaxing. During the winter season, this square becomes an outdoor skating paradise.

As a whole, we could say that Zagreb is worth visiting because it offers a variety of eye-catching places. Don’t hesitate to plan your journey, and if you are searching for accommodation, these suggestions might help you: https://sharingxchange.com/prop/126 https://sharingxchange.com/prop/411
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