4 photographing tips from sharingXchange

Mihail Marinov
The main purpose of our company is to give you a hand in each part of the process of listing your property. A fundamental part of building one estate’s profile is the photos that present it to the website visitors. Many owners struggle with taking effective pictures that may attract potential clients, and that is why in this article we will provide several pieces of advice which might be useful when photographing your house or apartment. So let’s begin!

If you don’t have enough time to take the photos by yourself, it is recommendable to hire a professional photographer. A certain amount of property owners suffer from lack of time, but still, try to do this process, and the result is not really positive because everything is done prematurely, and it reflects on the pictures obviously. Having professionally-taken photos is truly the key to marketing and catching the eyes of people, who are searching for a vacation rental. Don’t hesitate to spend money on a proven professional, it will be helpful. Still, if you have decided to take the photos by yourself, the other tips in this text can be effective.

When choosing the lens for your camera, pick out the widest ones available in order to catch the full essence of the space. This approach gives a true sense of both depth and detail. Thus, people who visit your offer, receive a more visual idea of how exactly does your property look like. Many professionalists say that the perfect size for lenses is 35mm, and it is worth investing in this еlement because it will surely bring a positive effect when advertising.

Appropriate composition of the space is also a great approach, but you need to know several things about it before arranging what is inside the rooms. First, walk around and identify which are the best viewpoints. It is advisable to take photos from more than just one viewpoint. This action allows you to review the images later, and make a confident decision on which perspective is better. Another thing is to make sure that all of the vertical lines are vertical while taking the pictures. You can easily achieve that by aiming the camera perfectly horizontal. Last, but not least it is effective when you take shots from a height which suits the position of the objects within the particular room. Your main goal should be to fill the images with content, not with empty space.

The right balance between ambient and flash light is also an important part of your preparation. Many photographers recommend not to use the camera flash. If you are taking photos during the daylight, a room may be two or three times darker than outside, so you need the balancing approach to see the view outside the windows with the light inside the property. This is vital if the perspective is a selling one.
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