4 great apartments for rent in Sofia

Mihail Marinov
Are you searching for a place to stay in Sofia? If you still haven’t found the most suitable vacation rental, this article may help. Here we are going to list you several offers for apartments, which are worth reviewing. Let’s go!

Sofia is a big city and, as usual, the airport is located in its vicinity. Many tourists complain about the annoying fact, that they have to waste a lot of their time to reach the booked hotel or apartment after arriving at the airport. Nevertheless, Ira’s studio in Mladost 2 area, solves this kind of problem. The reason is that it is located just 10 minutes away from Sofia’s airfield. It is necessary just to catch the subway and you are there immediately because there is a stop right next to the studio. This rental property is also equipped with high-quality modern furniture and appliances, it has one room with two beds, a kitchen area, full bathroom, and a balcony. Take a look at it: https://sharingxchange.com/prop/68

Do you know that the Bulgarian capital is known for its theaters which count around 70? Probably the unique one of them is the National Theater Ivan Vazov, and the second condo for rent, which we are going to present you is located just a few meters from it. The flat has a great location because it is close to many sights, bars, restaurants, and shops. It has 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and a living room. Sounds like the perfect place to explore Sofia or just to visit the magnificent National Theater: https://sharingxchange.com/prop/541

Sofia’s center is a noisy place because it is 24/7 full with people hanging around the streets, and travelers use to avoid booking homes for rent in this location. However, there is an exception, and we are going to present it to you. John Hazlewood’s apartment is placed right in the heart of Bulgaria’s biggest town, but it is in a relatively quiet area, so visitors’ complete rest is guaranteed. The flat has 2 double bedrooms, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen and cozy furniture all over it. It is also very close to most of the city’s historical and cultural attractions. This vacation rental is perfect if you want to visit Sofia’s famous bars and restaurants because they are located just a few blocks from it. Here is a more detailed information about this suggestion: https://sharingxchange.com/prop/45

Last, but not least, we want to showcase one more fabulous, contemporary styled and tastefully decorated apartment. As a tourist, you may fancy having a nice view of the gorgeous Vitosha Mountain. Well, Pavel Ezekiev’s rental gives you this opportunity. If you decide to book it, you will be facilitated to explore everything in Sofia because you are very close to subway and bus stations. Check it out: https://sharingxchange.com/prop/425
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