4 awesome vacation rentals in Rome

Mihail Marinov
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Famous tourist destinations understandably offer a lot of vacation rentals because of the high attendance. Obviously, Rome is one of the main points of interest for travelers in Western Europe, so the city has numerous hotels, apartments, and guesthouses, where so many people are accommodated every day. However, the oversaturated market may have a negative effect on people’s choice and they can stay wondering on which property is the best, but don’t worry if you have decided to visit the gorgeous Italian capital. In this article you will find some suggestions on where to stay, that can guarantee high-quality service and great conditions.

The first place, which we are going to present you is a nice modern apartment, situated very close to the magnificent Colosseum. Right in the heart of Rome where you can find a variety of bars, cafes, shops, and restaurants, this rental offers not just a luxurious and cozy furniture, but also a great chance for sightseeing. In this flat, you can find everything you need - Wi-Fi connection, TV, fully equipped kitchen, and much more. Many tourists often complain about not having an easy access to the public transport. Well, if you decide to stay in this apartment, there won’t be such problems, because it is also just a short walk from the Metro line, and you can get to each point of Rome. Follow the link and learn more about this great place: https://sharingxchange.com/prop/488

Rome has some very beautiful beaches, and it would be a big miss if you don’t visit them during your stay in the city. That is the reason why the second vacation rental, which we will suggest you is Sabrina’s property, located just a few meters from Ostia’s beach. This place is ideal for couples because it is situated in a quiet and relaxing area. Also, it is equipped with comfortable furniture and is decorated so friendly that you feel at home literally. The noise and dirty air are unpleasant circumstances that can’t be disregarded by every tourist. Big cities like Rome have just a few places where nature “beats’ the urbanized atmosphere, and Sabrina’s belonging is one of them. Click on this link and take a closer look at it: https://sharingxchange.com/prop/650

Vatican City is one of the most attractive sights in this district and the hotels near it are full of guests all the time. Surely, there is a big choice for accommodation near the “Holy City”, but one apartment just grabs your attention after a quick glance at it. Gianluca’s vacation rental is deluxe and completely renovated flat (here it is: https://sharingxchange.com/prop/489), which can live up to your expectations for the perfect place in Rome. This condo for rent combines a great location with high-standard equipment, providing you the best available conditions, necessary for a complete and refreshing vacation.

Via Veneto has no real “competitors” for being Rome’s most famous, elegant and expensive street. Tourists usually search for homes for rent near this location because it is perfect for sightseeing, going to restaurants, shopping, and many more intriguing activities. If you decide to book a vacation rental in this area as well, then Stefano Casule’ s flat is probably the most optimal choice. This property is just a short walk away from Via Veneto, Barberini, Trevi, and Repubblica Square. It is also recently modernized, fresh and clean, fully equipped, and it is waiting for you to explore it: https://sharingxchange.com/prop/507

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